• Image of Light Poem #11

Light Poem #11
graphite over pastel on paper
18" x 12"
Matt Niebuhr
West Branch Studio

Light Poems

Series of 12 drawings made in 2020 over the course of one week. Each drawing is a unique collection of rhythmic marks (lines) of graphite over a black pastel ground on paper. The lines flicker as they are transformed from dark to light - little shimmering poems in the given light of the moment...

Each drawing measures 6” x 6” centered on 18” H x 12” W paper.

Inspired by themes of light and dark energy witnessed by the observer when present with the drawing - the effect is ever shifting as the observer moves and light sources shift. Each drawing poem explores a different perceived reflection - a series of graphite lines that shimmer and vibrate in subtle variations against a black absorptive background.

The drawings are what they are. Rather than an illusion, illustration, or reference to something outside of itself, the drawings celebrate the act of seeing, of being present and aware.