Matt Niebuhr is an artist living and working in Des Moines, Iowa - establishing West Branch Studio in the summer of 2012.

My interests are in examining the threshold at which ordinary visibility ends and perception begins through various mediums, primarily drawing, painting and photography. My background and education is rooted in Architecture. I completed university study receiving a Bachelor of Architecture degree with honors. I have practiced architectural design for nearly 20 years and I now focus my interests towards pursuing my passion - that of making art...

A successful work for me is making a drawing or painting or photograph that is different ultimately from what I originally may have envisioned and set out to accomplish. I experiment in process and material in order to "find" the work and through the process may learn something new that I did not know or could not know with out having done it. Process and material play a big role in the outcome of the work. I like to set out with a system and then let the system inform the work - the work inform the system.

For me, drawing is thinking.

Drawing is a fundamental way to explore the relationships of action and reaction. The drawings are records: of the mind (thinking), of the hand (doing) and of the eye (sensing). With my drawing practice, my aim is to investigate the accumulation of lines representing a wide range of work from realistic depiction of form to abstract formlessness. I'm most intrigued by the possibilities of the accumulation of simple lines and the space in between thinking, doing and sensing.

With drawing, one thing always leads to another... and the next.

I take pride in my work and I thank you for your interest. You can learn more about me in the "bio/CV" found on my artist website.


I want you to fully enjoy your purchase and to consider yourself a collector. Your support allows me to make work, I really appreciate your patronage.

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